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Technical Notes

SSO Configuration - Microsoft SPNEGO
Configuring "Guests" Authentication Methods
Installation and Deployment SSO Agent for Windows
Installation and Deployment SSO Agent for Linux
Configuring and using the Stormshield TOTP solution

Adapting the SES Security Policy of a Workstation to its SNS Reputation
Automatic Backups
Basic Command Line Interface Configuration (CLI)
Complying with Privacy Regulations
Configuring a 3G/4G modem on SNS
Configuring QoS on SNS firewalls
Configuring web services on SNS firewalls
Custom Context-based Protection Signatures
Filtering HTTPS connections
Firewalls stacking: services disibution
High availability on SNS
Identifying Industrial Protocol Commands going through the Firewall
Initial configuration from USB key
Implementing a filtering rule
Level 2 encapsulation
SD-WAN - Selecting the best network link

Secure Return option
Software Recovery via USB Key
SNI20 - Updating the BIOS to version R1.06
SN6000 - IPMI Firmware Update
SN6100 - IPMI Firmware Update
Changing a Power Supply Module (SN3000 and SN6000)
Protecting an SNS firewall's UEFI control panel with a password
Enabling Secure Boot in an SNS firewall's UEFI

SNS v4.6 Description of Audit Logs
SNS v4.3 LTSB Description of Audit Logs
Integrating SNS logs in IBM QRadar

BIRD dynamic Routing v4

SNS for Cloud
EVA on Amazon Web Services
Deploying an SNS EVA virtual firewall in Microsoft Azure
VMWare NSX - SNS firewall as an edge router

IPsec Virtual Interfaces
IKEv1 mobile IPsec VPN - Authentication by pre-shared key
IKEv2 mobile IPsec VPN - Authentication by pre-shared key
IPsec VPN - Authentication by pre-shared key
IPsec VPN - Authentication by certificate
IPsec VPN - Hub and Spoke configuration
IPsec VPN - Diffusion Restreinte mode
Integrating NAT into IPsec
Configuring and using SSL VPN on SNS firewalls

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