Before we begin

Product concerned: SNS 3 and higher versions

Last update: March 2017

In order for an organization's external users to access certain network resources (Internet access, for example), version 3 of SNS firmware offers three authentication methods:

  • Guest mode (declaratory mode): this method is based on the user's acceptance of a disclaimer setting out Internet access conditions. It is particularly suited to public Internet access in high-traffic areas such as restaurants, railway stations or libraries.
  • Temporary accounts: limited-duration accounts can be created, with a configurable validity period for each account. This method is ideal, for example, for hotel infrastructures that wish to offer Internet access only for the duration of a client's stay.
  • Sponsorship method: on the captive portal, the user enters his first and last names and the email address of an internal sponsor. If this internal sponsor is authorized and has been explicitly declared on the firewall as being allowed to sponsor users, he will then confirm the request, immediately granting the requester access to web resources. This method may be used in organizations, for example, to provide visiting service providers with Internet access.