Getting started

Welcome to the SNS EVA virtual firewall deployment guide.

SNS EVA virtual firewalls scale their capacities (maximum number of connections, rules, objects, VPN tunnels, etc.) according to the resources allocated to the hypervisor. An EVA1 machine with 2 GB of RAM and an EVA2 machine with 2 GB of RAM have the same capacities - only the number of vCPU allowed differs.

The switch from one EVA model to another with better performance can be facilitated by using a generic serial number "VMSNS" that is no longer dependent on the model.

“Stormshield Network Security Elastic Virtual Appliance” is referred to as “SNS EVA” in the rest of this document.

EVA models replace V/VS-VU models. The process of migrating from a V/VS-VU model firewall to an EVA model is set out in the chapter Migrating a V/VS-VU model virtual firewall to an EVA model.

To deploy SNS EVA virtual firewalls on a public cloud platform, there are specific technical notes for the following platforms: 3DS OUTSCALE, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.