Getting started

Stormshield Network Elastic Virtual Appliances (EVA) replace V / VS-VU models.

Elastic Virtual Appliances:

  • Automatically adapt their limits (maximum number of connections, rules, objects, IPsec tunnels, etc.) according to the amount of memory allocated to the instance. An EVA1 machine with 2 GB of RAM and an EVA2 machine with 2 GB of RAM therefore have the same limits (only the number of vCPU allowed differs).
  • Facilitate the switch from one model to another with better performance by using their serial numbers, which include a generic "VMSNS" prefix that is no longer dependent on the model.

EVA firewalls require an SNS firmware version in 3.8.2 or higher.

Do note that in a factory configuration (new installation or reset to factory settings using the command defaultconfig), EVAs have two routed network interfaces (not together in a bridge). Furthermore, both of these interfaces are configured in DHCP by default.

The process of migrating from a V or VS-VU model firewall to an EVA is set out in the section Migrating a V / VS-VU model virtual firewall to an EVA model.