Getting started

Last update: June 2022

If an SNS firewall failure occurs due to a software issue, the program can be restored via a USB drive, which makes it possible to reinstall the system on the SNS firewall from a disk image that was generated and downloaded earlier.

This procedure applies to the following products:
SN150, SN160(W), SN200, SN210(W), SN300, SN310, SN500, SN510, SN700, SN710, SN900, SN910, SN1100, SN2000, SN2100, SN3000, SN3100, SN6000, SN6100, SNi20 and SNi40.

Before proceeding, shut down the SNS firewall in question, power it off and connect it asshow in the section ‎Cabling SNS firewalls and booting on a USB drive. Next, power up the SNS firewall and start it normally.
If the screen stays blank, if the message "Disk Boot Failure" appears, if the Power LED does not light up or in the event of an obvious hardware failure, there is no need to proceed further. Contact Stormshield’s Technical Support for a RMA (Return Material Authorization) procedure. In any event, shut down your SNS firewall, power it off and unplug all cables.