Before we begin

Product concerned: SNS 3 and SNS 4

Last update: July 2021

In the event a Stormshield Network product breaks down due to a software issue, Stormshield provides a procedure to restore the software using a USB drive.

This procedure applies to the following products:

SN150, SN160, SN160w, SN200, SN210, SN210w, SN300, SN310, SN500, SN510, SN700, SN710, SN900, SN910, SN2000, SN2100, SN3000, SN3100, SN6000, SN6100, SNi20 and SNi40.


This procedure takes place in 2 phases described in the following sections. The phases are described in chronological order.

The first phase (optional) consists of testing the product using the “Self-Test” program. This tool allows verifying the product's main hardware features (only Stormshield products are supported). Next, the Software restoration phase allows reinstalling the system on the product from a disk image generated and downloaded from the Stormshield website.

Each of these 2 phases has 4 steps:

  1. Download of the disk image,
  2. Copy of the disk image on a USB drive,
  3. Connections and startup configuration,
  4. Launch of the procedure.

It is possible to launch only the software’s restoration procedure on the product. However, the “Self-Test” procedure is recommended, as it allows detecting certain hardware anomalies that would render the restoration useless.

Likewise, you can also launch only a “Self-Test” to identify potential hardware failures.

Before launching either procedure, shut down the product and switch it off, connect the monitor and keyboard (or a PC in console mode for SN150), then switch the product back on and start it normally.
If the screen stays blank, if the message "Disk Boot Failure" appears, if the Power LED does not light up or in the event of an obvious hardware failure, there is no need to proceed further. In this case, please contact Stormshield’s technical support for a RMA (Return Material Authorization) procedure.
In any event, shut down your product, power it off and unplug all cables.


The following equipment is needed:

  • The product to be restored,
  • Depending on the product, a VGA monitor, a HDMI monitor, a PS2 keyboard, a USB keyboard, a PC in console mode,
  • A USB drive with a capacity of at least 1 GB,
  • A PC with an Internet browser. For a computer running in Windows, the procedure indicated in this document was successfully tested in Windows XP, Windows Vista 32 bits and Windows 7.