Getting started

Product concerned: SNS 3 and higher versions

Last update: April 2018

Stormshield Network Security Firewalls provide a command line interface (CLI), composed of a proprietary set of commands. The commands are available via a shell and allows configuring and monitoring all firewall features.

This document describes the CLI commands required to configure the basic firewall features. For details about all commands and their arguments, refer to Stormshield Network Security - CLI Serverd commands reference guide.

Using the command line interface

The CLI shell is accessed via a secured protocol (NETASQ Secure Remote Procedure Call):

  • Locally on the firewall (command line and web interface),
  • From a remote host, using dedicated executables on Windows and Linux.

You can write several CLI commands in a text file to create a CLI script that will then be run either locally or remotely.

For details on how to access the CLI shell and how to write and run scripts, refer to the E-learning module CLI ACCESS & SCRIPTS.