Getting started

A new URL database provider is now used on the Extended Web Control (EWC) URL classification solution from these versions onwards:

  • SNS in 4.7 and later versions,

  • SNS in 4.3.24 LTSB and higher versions of 4.3 LTSB.

The EWC URL database will be automatically changed when the firewall is updated to an SNS version that uses the new database.

Due to the new EWC URL database, the firewall's initial security policy (filter policy, URL filter policy and SSL filter policy) must be reviewed after the firewall is updated. During this adjustment phase, users may notice that filtering does not function optimally.

The review of the security policy requires the following considerations to be taken into account:

  • The EWC URL categories have changed: former and new categories do not fully match, as some have been removed while others have been added;
  • The classification logic has changed: the new URL/SSL filter policy must now be in blacklist mode;
  • The new filter policy must be adapted to assign profiles from the new URL/SSL filter policy to rules;

The impact of changing the database is explained in the section Understanding the impact of changing the EWC URL database.

To limit the impact of changing the database, follow the Recommendations to limit the impact of changing the EWC URL database.


The following information is presented in the Appendices of this document:

  • The list of new EWC URL categories and their descriptions,

  • Tables to map former and new URL categories,

  • Recommended URL/SSL filter profiles.


Date Description
February 13, 2024 SNS 4.3.24 LTSB release
October 30, 2023 New document