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Welcome to the guide, in which you will find recommendations for the secure configuration of a Stormshield Network Security (SNS) firewall in version 4.3 LTSB.

Unless otherwise provided by regulation, these recommendations are not prescriptive; they are given as is and adapted to threats as at the time of their publication. Given the diversity of information systems, it is not possible to guarantee that such information can be applied without some form of adaptation to target information systems. In any case, decisions on the suitability of implementing suggested elements must be made beforehand by the system administrator and/or persons in charge of the security of information systems.


This guide is based on the document that sets out recommendations for the secure configuration of SNS firewalls in version 3.7.17 LTSB. Stormshield has edited its contents to factor in new features found in SNS version 4.3 LTSB.

The original document, Recommendations for the secure configuration of an SNS firewall in version 3.7.17 LTSB, was written by the ANSSI and has been made available at With the ANSSI’s consent, this document has been published on Stormshield's Technical Documentation website.

Change log

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March 4, 2024

- New document

Original document last updated by ANSSI on: April 3, 2021