Getting started

The Stormshield TOTP solution makes it possible to increase the security of authentications that the SNS firewall manages. This additional security measure functions with 2FA (two-factor authentication), with which time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) can be used.

This solution is built into the SNS firewall and does not require any third-party TOTP solution. Users who authenticate with a TOTP only need to use an application installed on their browsers or mobile devices to generate TOTPs.

This technical note explains how to configure and manage the TOTP solution on the SNS firewall, and presents the enrollment procedure for TOTP solution users.


Date Description
April 10, 2024

- SNS 4.7.5 release

- Explanations regarding advanced configuration settings added to the section "Adding and configuring TOTP as an authentication method"

May 25, 2023

- Section "Authenticating with a TOTP" modified

February 2, 2023

- Section "Adding and configuring TOTP as an authentication method" modified

January 5, 2023

- New document