Getting started

This document explains the processes of enabling or disabling password protection in the UEFI control panel on SNS firewalls.

This procedure applies to the following products: SN-S-Series-220, SN-S-Series-320, SN-M-Series-520, SN-M-Series-720, SN-M-Series-920, SN1100, SN3100 and SNi20.

For security reasons, before enabling Secure Boot, you are advised to protect access to your SNS firewall's UEFI control panel with a password.

The password you set must be kept in a safe and secure location. If you misplace your password, you will no longer be able to update your SNS firewall's UEFI. Do note that Stormshield will not be able to help you recover this password.


Date Description
May 25, 2023

Add SN-S-Series-220, SN-S-Series-320, SN-M-Series-520, SN-M-Series-720 and SN-M-Series-920 firewalls

June 13, 2022 New document