To set up Stormshield XDR, you will need:

  • The scenario package available on MyStormshield,

  • A version compatible with XDR on all three Stormshield products: refer to the version release notes found in the scenario package to find out which versions are compatible.

The scenario package is a .zip archive containing version release notes and the files that make it possible to set up the XDR scenarios covered. Scenarios enable the detection of threats. Packages are named according to the naming system below:

This naming system provides a variety of information, in particular the compatibility of the version:

X.Y.Z Lowest SLS version required to use this package
YYMM Year (2 digits) and month (2 digits) in which the package was published
a Version of the package in the month (“a” for the first version of this package in the month, then “b”, “c”, and so on)

EXAMPLE is an archive containing scenarios that are compatible with SLS v1.1.1 and which were set up in September 2023.