Getting started

Welcome to the Stormshield Management Center installation guide version 3.5.4.

In the documentation, Stormshield Management Center is referred to in its short form: SMC and Stormshield Network Security in its short form: SNS.

SMC server allows you to perform a centralized administration of SNS firewalls.

From the SMC server 3.5.4 web interface, you can:

  • Administer firewalls,
  • Get a clear overview of all your firewalls,
  • Ensure consistent configurations,
  • Access the web administration interface of firewalls,
  • Create API keys to use the SMC public API.

The SMC server is a virtual machine provided in the form of an .OVA archive file (Open Virtualization Archive) for VMware, .VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) for Microsoft Hyper-V or .qcow2 for KVM.

The SMC server 3.5.4 is compatible with Stormshield Network Security in at least version 3.7.0.

In order to install the SMC server, download the file smc-x.x.x.ova, the archive or the archive smc-x.x.x-kvm.tar.gz from your MyStormshield personal area.

Minimum hardware recommendations

To ensure good performance of the SMC server, we recommend installing it on a virtual machine with at least 2 vCPUs and 4 GB of RAM.

Setup recommendations

  • We recommend to install the SMC server after a firewall which authorizes only necessary traffic:

    • access to user interfaces (SSH for the console and HTTPS for the Web interface) of the SMC server only for the IP addresses of authorized administration hosts,

    • traffic allowing the connection of SNS firewalls to the SMC server on the port TCP/1754 (default port).

  • The passwords of the “root" account (allowing access to the server in command line), of the “admin” user (Web interface main administrator) and of any other administrator must be compliant with the recommendation written in the SMC Administration guide.