Getting started

Welcome to the Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution installation guide version 2.5.5.

SES Evolution is a global security solution that offers comprehensive workstation protection in organizations of all sizes.

The SES Evolution agent runs on workstations and transparently protects them from known and unknown attacks and intrusions. Since the agent does not rely on signature databases, it can operate with the same level of security in the SES Evolution agent handlers’ connected and disconnected modes.

The administration console makes it possible to organize, configure and monitor all agents in a pool. In addition, fully configurable security policies can be set, and agents can be segmented into groups for easier administration. With advanced tools that track logs and analyze attacks, administrators can monitor the status of their pools and trace the source of attacks detected and blocked by SES Evolution agents.

The SES Evolution solution is also built into your other security solutions, and reports its events directly in your SIEM system.

In the SES Evolution Installation Center, SES_Evolution_Installation_Center.exe, users can:

  • Perform a new installation,
  • Modify an existing installation,
  • Update an existing installation,
  • Uninstall databases.

The interface of the Installation Center appears in the language detected on the operating system.

The SES Evolution solution runs on a set of components that communicate securely among themselves:

  • Administration and log databases,
  • One or several agent handlers, which receive data and logs directly from agents, and request updates for administration databases and return the logs to a Syslog server,
  • One or more backend application servers, which centralize the operations carried out on the SES Evolution environment and which provide a public REST API. For more information about the public API, see Enabling and managing SES Evolution's public API in the Administration guide.
  • One or several administration consoles,
  • The Stormshield update server, which permits the downloading of the most recent resources, e.g., new built-in security policies, built-in rule set updates.
  • Agents deployed on workstations or servers.


For more information on how to protect network connections that use TLS, refer to the section Configuring TLS connections between components.

The administration console makes it possible to deploy SES Evolution agents on workstations. For further information, refer to Installing agents on workstations in the Administration guide.

Go to your MyStormshield client area, under the Downloads section, to obtain the SES Evolution Installation Center in the desired version.