Deploying the SES Evolution environment

To apply the configuration of agent groups, security policies and new software versions of the agent to your pool of agents, the environment must be deployed.

Doing so will generate for each agent group the information to send to agents. Configuration and policy packages are generated and stored in databases. Agents log in regularly to their agent handlers to update their statuses. The agent handler then detects updates to apply to agents when they become available.

Agents connect to their handlers every 60 seconds by default. This means that it takes less than a minute to apply a new deployment. This duration can be modified in the configuration of agent groups using the Agent status update setting. For further information, refer to the section Monitoring agents in real time.

The environment must be deployed again every time you make changes in the administration console to the following items and you wish to apply them to the pool:

  • Policies and rule sets,
  • Agent group configuration,
  • Agent handler configuration,
  • Configuration of a USB key’s trustworthiness.

Ensure that you hold the Environment-Deploy privilege to perform this action.

To deploy the environment on agents in the pool:

  1. Change one or several of the configuration items mentioned above.
    An orange dot appears to the right of the Environment menu and the Environment icon in the upper banner of the console turns orange . This means that new elements must be deployed in order to be operational.
  2. Click on the Environment icon, or select the Environment menu, and click on Deploy.
    The orange dot disappears and the Deploy button turns gray until the next time the configuration is edited.

As for the versions of rule sets deployed with a policy, you can select Always use latest version in the policy’s general panel. In this case, after the policy is deployed, the version number of the deployed rule sets appears in the drop-down list. When you click on Edit in this panel, the Always use latest version parameter remains selected for each rule set. For further information, refer to the section Managing versions of a policy or a rule set.

If the environment cannot be deployed, the interface shows a message providing the reason or the actions that must be performed before it can be deployed.

The environment can be deployed from the console only on agents connected to agent handlers. To apply configuration or software updates to agents that are not connected to agent handlers, refer to to the section Updating agents.