Monitoring agents in real time

In the table of the Agents tab, you can distinguish connected agents from offline agents. Offline agents are grayed out

Agents are considered offline if they have not connected to an agent handler for the duration defined in the agent group configuration.

You can set the frequency with which agents connect to the agent handler to update their status. You can also customize the duration as well as how long agents can stay offline before they will be automatically deleted from the database. For further information, refer to the section Removing obsolete agents from the console.

To set the connection frequency and the various durations:

  1. In an agent group’s Status and logs tab, go to the Agent real time monitoring section.
  2. Choose the frequency of the Agent status update in seconds. The agent connects automatically to the agent handler by default every 60 seconds to:

    • Send information about its status to refresh the agent group panel,
    • Retrieve new configurations, policies or updates if there are any.

    You can also manually force a connection to the agent handler and log sending by clicking on Check for updates in Protection status in the agent's interface.

  3. Set the value of the Disconnection after setting. By default, agents are considered offline if they have not connected to their agent handler for seven consecutive days.
  4. Set the value of the Automatic deletion after parameter. Agents are deleted by default after 30 consecutive days of staying offline.