Managing versions of a policy or a rule set

Several versions of policies or rule sets can coexist and you can choose which version to use at any time.

By managing several versions of a policy or rule set at the same time, you can set up pre-production and production policies and test how rule updates impact your pool. For example, your production policy can use a stable, i.e., tested and validated, version of rule sets while your pre-production policy uses a trial version that is more recent.

This feature also makes it possible to undo changes by redeploying an older version that worked correctly. E.g.: if you encounter a deployment issue in the environment, or if the deployment of a policy or rule set in your pool did not produce the expected results.

You can give your policies and rule sets accurate descriptions so that you can identify the various versions more easily.

When you export a policy or rule set, you export it in the version selected in the right side of the panel. For more information on importing and exporting policies and rule sets, refer to Importing and exporting policies and rule sets.