Installing agents on workstations

As soon as you have configured your agent groups, you must install agents on the workstations that you want to protect.

An SES Evolution agent can be installed on all types of hosts with compatible operating systems: servers or workstations, including domain controllers or machines that host one or several SES Evolution components (such as agent handlers, backends, etc.)

This installation is a two-step process. First, generate an installer that contains the whole configuration dedicated to the agent group. Next, deploy the agent on every workstation that must belong to this group. Once it is installed, the agent will retrieve a unique identity the first time it connects to the agent handler. It will then appear in the panel of the corresponding agent group in the administration console. The whole configuration of the agent group will be applied to it, especially security policies.

If you have installed SES Evolution on a master, you also need to change the ID of the agents on which you are deploying it.

The folder directed by %TEMP% and %TMP% must exist and be accessible in write mode during the agent installation phase and during the agent update.