Getting started

Welcome to Stormshield Network Security version 3.7.6 LTSB Release Notes.

It contains information that you must read before updating SNS to version 3.7.6 LTSB.


Watch the video to find out what's new in version 3.7 LTSB:


LTSB (Long-Term Support Branch) label

Versions tagged with this label can be major or minor versions and are considered as long-term stable versions. They are maintained for a minimum of 12 months. These versions are recommended for customers that prefer stability of new features and enhancements.

Please refer to the Product Life Cycle document on Mystormshield for further information.


To view information about the previous versions of Stormshield Network Security, refer to section Previous versions of Stormshield Network Security 3.7 LTSB.

This document is not exhaustive and more fixes may have been included in this version.

In the documentation, Stormshield Network Security is referred to in its short form: SNS, and the Stormshield Management Center in the form SMC.