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Welcome to the product life cycle guide for Stormshield Network Security.

This document contains information on the management of the various versions of the product range, including the versions supported by Stormshield, the compatibility with operating systems and third-party products, as well as the evolution policy for versions.

For further information on a specific version, please consult the Release Notes Stormshield Network Security.

In this document, Stormshield Network Security is referred to in its short form: SNS.


Date Description
May 4, 2023 - Release of SN-S-Series-220 and SN-S-Series-320
April 12, 2023

- Life cycle policy modification for future LTSB releases (6 months minimum overlap instead of 3 months)
- 3.11-LTSB branch: maintenance extension (security patches only) until 12/31/2023

- Release of SMC 3.4

April 3, 2023 - Release of SN-M-Series-520
- End of Sale of NA-EX-CARD-2x10G-FIB and NA-EX-CARD-4x10G-FIB
March 17, 2023 - Correction of the End of Life date of version 3.11 – 3 months after release of 4.3 LTSB
February 21, 2023

- 4.3 branch becomes LTSB
- Announcement of End of Life date of 3.11 version
- Announcement of End of Life of Real Time Monitor at SNS 3.7 EOL
- Release of SSL VPN client 3.2
- Release of VPN Client Exclusive 7.3

January 3, 2023 - Life Cycle Management Policy: removed indicative frequency of version releases, removed minimum number of LTSB versions per major branch, removed automatic LTSB declaration of latest version in branch N-1 whenever a new major version is released.
November 24, 2022 - Release of SNS 4.6
- New Advanced Antivirus option
- End of Life of Vxx SNS VM brought forward from 2024 to 2023
- Support of Active Directory 2022, HyperV 2022, KVM RHEL 8.4
October 6, 2022 - Release of SN-M-Series-720 and SN-M-Series-920
- End of Sale and End of Life of SN910
August 30, 2022

- Release of SMC 3.3

- SMC – Support of KVM RHEL 7.9

July 21, 2022 - End of Life of SNS 4.2 on July 21st

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