Organizing firewalls by folders

In order to manage firewalls and their configuration, the SMC server relies on hierarchically organized folders to which firewalls are attached.

Since folders are dynamically managed, you can create, move and delete folders at any time.

Folders contain firewalls as well as global filter and NAT rules. A firewall attached to a sub-folder inherits rules configured in its parent folders. For more information on filter and NAT rules, refer to the section Creating filter and NAT rules.

A firewall can belong to only one folder at a time.

The default root folder MySMC cannot be deleted. You can rename it to fit your needs. If you do not create any folder trees, all firewalls will be attached to this root folder.

The tree is limited to four levels of sub-folders.


The Search field in the list of firewalls in Monitoring > Firewalls also applies to folder names.