SES Evolution 2.2.3 new features and enhancements


Tracing via a script

When an issue occurs on a workstation, tracing can now be launched via a script, by running EsGui ([...]\Stormshield\SES Evolution\Agent\Bin\Gui) with the command line option /StartDiagnostic.

You can indicate the name of the final log file: EsGui.exe /StartDiagnostic /DiagnosticFile <path\to\>.

You can also stop tracing: EsGui.exe /StopDiagnostic.

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Deploying agents via a group policy

In your MyStormshield client area, Stormshield now provides a PowerShell script that allows you to deploy SES Evolution agents in a pool, by using a group policy (GPO). You can find it under Downloads > Stormshield Endpoint Security > Evolution > Tools.

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Changes to existing rule sets

Some existing built-in rule sets have been modified. SES Evolution2.3.2 includes rule sets v2.2.3.2204a.

For details on these modifications, refer to Stormshield rule sets release notes in the Downloads menu in your Mystormshield personal area.

Refer to Recommendations to find out our recommendations with regard to implementing security policies.