SQL Server databases

Operating systems
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2022

At least a 2 GHz 64-bit processor.

Itanium processors are not supported.

SQL Server runs more slowly on a virtual machine than in native mode due to the additional workload involved in virtualization.

Physical memory

SQL Server Express: at least 1 GB and a maximum of 1,41 GB

SQL Server: at least 4 GB

Disk space
  • At least 6 MB for installation.
  • The space required for data storage depends on the environment.

Stormshield recommends NTFS (New Technology File System).

Network configuration
  • No static IP address requirements.
  • Incoming communications (SQL ports by default, but may depend on the settings of the SQL Server instance):
    • TCP 1433 (SQL)
    • TCP 1434 (SQL)
    • UDP 1434 (SQL)
  • SQL Server 2017 Cumulative Update 25 (14.0.3401.7)
  • SQL Server Express 2017 Cumulative Update 25 (14.0.3401.7)
  • SQL Server 2019
  • SQL Server Express 2019

The SQL Server Express 2019 installation file and Cumulative Update 16 file can be found in your MyStormshield client area, under the Downloads section, in Stormshield Endpoint Evolution > Resources. Drop them in the same folder as the Installation Center if you want them to be installed when there is a new installation or when the solution is updated.

For more information about adapting the size and installing SQL Server, refer to SQL Server Recommendations guide.