Viewing the health status of an agent

The agent’s Protection status dashboard shows the operational status of the agent's four protection modules and their components in the following color codes:

  • Green: all modules are running,
  • Orange: a component is shut down or pending reboot,
  • Red: a module is not functioning,
  • Gray: a component was disabled in the agent group configuration.

The Latest events area shows the three most recent Alert or Emergency events that were raised on the agent.

The lower section of the dashboard provides details about the configuration of SES Evolution:

  • Agent: version number of this agent,
  • Agent group: name of the agent group to which this agent belongs,
  • Security policy: name of the security policy applied to this agent,
  • Policy last updated on: date on which this agent updated its security policy for the last time,
  • Last connection to agent handler: date on which this agent connected to the agent handler for the last time.

The agent connects automatically to the agent handler by default as frequently as configured. Click on Check for updates if you want agents to connect to the agent handler and perform the following operations:

  • Send data about the status of the agent to the agent handler, including logs;
  • Retrieve new configurations, policies or updates if there are any.

You can also force the connection to the agent handler via a script, by launching EsGui ([...]\Stormshield\SES Evolution\Agent\Bin\Gui) with the command line option /ForceConnection.