Import custom services tab

In this tab, custom web services can be imported from a CSV file.
The structure that this CSV file must follow is described in Structure of the file importing custom web services (CSV format).


  1. Use the Select database to import (.csv file) field to choose an import file saved on your workstation.
  2. Next, click on Import database.
    Depending on the result of the import operation, additional information may be shown in this section:
    • If the operation is successful, the "Custom list of imported web services fully operational” message appears,
    • In the event of failure:
      • The reason for the failure is given, e.g., “Failed to generate BitGraph files from CSV import: invalid format of some data in the CSV file”,
      • The number of the line in question in the CSV file and the contents of this line, e.g., "An error occurred on line1: MyWebService1,,2022/01/19,12.2,My first".

Information about the last import

After a successful import, this section shows a summary of the imported data:

Last custom web service import Date and time of the last successful import.
Number of custom web services Number of entries imported via the CSV file.
Total no. of IPv4 addresses Number of entries imported with an IPv4 address.
Total no. of IPv6 addresses Number of entries imported with an IPv6 address.
Total no. of FQDNs Number of entries imported with an FQDN.