Structure of the file importing custom web services (CSV format)

For each custom web service that can be imported or exported, this section defines the structure of a row that makes up the CSV file.

All fields are separated by commas. Optional empty fields will be included between two commas:

  • Name of the service (mandatory): text string using only accepted characters (see Allowed names),
  • Public IPv4/IPv6 address or FQDN (mandatory),
  • Date of last revision (optional),
  • Revision number (optional),
  • Comments (optional): any text.

The CSV file must contain a blank line after the last entry.

CustomWebService1,,2022/01/19,12.2,My first webservice with FQDN
CustomWebService2,,,,My second webservice with IP address
CustomWebService3,,2022/01/19,15,My third webservice

Do note that for web services relying on several IP addresses or several FQDNs the line that describes this web service must be duplicated as many times as the number of addresses or FQDNs that the service contains.

CustomWebService1,,2022/01/19,12.2,First FQDN for my first webservice
CustomWebService1,,2022/01/19,12.2,Second FQDN for my first webservice
CustomWebService1,,2022/01/19,12.2,IP address for my first webservice