System update tab

A Technical Note will give you a step by step guide on how to update a group of Stormshield Network firewalls (cluster). Click on this link to access the document: Updating a cluster.

Available updates:

Check for new updates The firewall will conduct a search for new system updates on update servers (Objects > Network objects) and will display them on the screen.

System update

Select the update: Select the firewall update to be installed and insert it in the field using the button .
The SHA1 fingerprint of the update file is displayed when you click on the link with its name. When a new firmware version is available, the Release Notes link will enable the user to download the version release notes applicable to the firmware version offered for download.
Updating the firmware

Apply the selected update on your appliance by clicking on this button.

Updates to an earlier are not supported and may cause instability, require the product to be reset.

In high availability clusters, if you choose to enable updates on both firewalls, the upgrade will be applied only to the remote firewall, to prevent your network from becoming inaccessible. Proceed as follows to enable this upgrade on your active firewall:
  1. Ensure that the upgrade of the passive firewall on the Dashboard (Hardware component) screen is complete.
  2. Go back to the Maintenance module, System upgrade tab and select "This firewall" as the Firewall to be upgraded,
  3. In advanced properties, select the option "Enable the firmware downloaded earlier" then click on Upgrade the firewall.

A switch will take place and your passive Firewall will become active.

Advanced properties


Save the active partition on the backup partition before updating the firewall If this option is selected, you will back up your system’s main partition on the backup partition, in order to keep a record of it.
The firewall will restart after the update is complete.
Upload the firmware update and install it

This option allows you to send the update file (.maj) and activate it.

Upload the firmware update only This option allows you to send the update file (.maj) without activating it. The file can be activated later using the option below Install the uploaded firmware.
Install the uploaded firmware If a file is located on the firewall, this option will allow you to activate it. The version indicated can be found in the field Update present on the firewall.

Current version of the system

This field shows the current software version of your product.

Update uploaded on this firewall

This field displays the update that you had selected earlier at the top of this screen.