Updating a cluster

The method below aims to minimize disruptions to the production environment during the software update of a firewall cluster.

Updating the passive firewall

  1. Log in to the web administration interface of the cluster.
  2. If there are changes to the configuration that have not yet been synchronized, click on the icon to start synchronizing the configuration before updating the cluster.
  3. In Configuration > System > Maintenance > System update tab, select the update file (Select the update field),
  4. In the Select the firewall to update field, select The other firewall (remote).
  5. Click on Update firmware.
  6. Confirm the warning message Another member of the cluster will restart by clicking on OK.
  7. Wait for the remote firewall to restart.

Updating the active firewall

When the passive member of the cluster has restarted after being updated:

  1. In the Select the firewall to update field, select This firewall.
  2. Click on Update firmware.
  3. The other member of the cluster becomes active and connections that go through the cluster will not be disrupted.