Software updates

Software updates are available in your MyStormshield personal area, through the Downloads > Stormshield Network Security > Firmware > 4.X > Stormshield Network Security - Firmware - V4.0.0 (or later versions) menu. The extension of these files is ".maj".


Whenever several firewalls need to be configured using the same USB key, you may need several software update files (different firewall architectures, different preloaded software versions, etc).

The USB key must be removed when the firewall is restarting.

If the increment between the major firmware version of the firewall in factory settings and the software versions found on the key is lower than 2 (e.g., firewall in version 3.9.0 and firmware 4.0.0 on the key), only the higher software version on the key will be installed. If this is not the case, an intermediate firmware version must be provided on the key so that an automatic update can be carried out in stages (e.g., firewall in version 2.14.0 and firmware versions 3.9.0 and 4.0.0 on the key).