Setting the initial configuration

No action is required from the operator during the initial configuration of a firewall via a USB key, except to:

  • Unlock the USB key if it has been encrypted,
  • Enter certificate passwords whenever certificates are imported during the configuration via USB key.


  1. Check that the firewall is powered off.
  2. If the firewall has been assigned to a cluster, ensure that all of its HA-dedicated network interfaces are connected to the master firewall.
  3. Insert the key into the firewall's USB port.
  4. Power up the firewall.
    The firewall will automatically run and install the prepared files in the sequence mentioned in Installation sequence.
    It will restart only after each software update.
  5. If part of the configuration involved setglobal commands included in a CSV file, manually restart the firewall to apply changes.
  6. Once all the steps in the configuration have been completed, the firewall will be operational.
    You can log in directly to its web administration interface (https://firewall_IP_address/admin) or via Stormshield Management Center if the firewall is connected to an SMC server.


Operations that were performed during the initial configuration of the firewall, except license imports and firmware updates, will be logged in a log file created in the root folder of the USB key named <firewall_serial_number_staging>.log.