Authenticating with a TOTP

Once the TOTP solution is configured, users required to use TOTP authentication and who are enrolled must use a TOTP to authenticate. Users who are not yet enrolled must first follow the TOTP enrollment procedure.

  1. Go to the portal or launch the app on which you are authenticating.

  2. Enter your user name and password as usual.

  3. Open your Authenticator to obtain a TOTP. Check that you are authenticating on the right SNS firewall. As a reminder, the same TOTP cannot be used twice for two consecutive authentications.
    Authenticator screen

  4. There are two ways to use the TOTP, depending on the portal or app in question:

    • When there is a specific field to fill in. This applies especially to:

      • The SNS firewall's captive portal,

      • The SNS firewall's administration interface,

      • The SN SSL VPN Client app.

      Enter the OTP code in the specific field and log in. The field may be named "multifactor authentication", "2FA", "Code" or "OTP".

    • When there is no specific field. This applies especially to:

      • The console,

      • SSH,

      • The SN VPN Client Standard and SN VPN Client Exclusive apps,

      • The OpenVPN apps.

      Concatenate the TOTP to your usual password and log in.

The images below provide a few examples of where the TOTP must be used. For more information, refer to the guide relating to the portal or app used.

SNS firewall's captive portal


SN SSL VPN Client connection window

Connection window to the captive portal of the SNS firewall, in which the TOTP must be entered


Connection window to the SN SSL VPN Client, in which the TOTP must be entered