Most of the connectors on these firewall models are located on the front panel, except for the HDMI micro port on the underside of the appliance.

1 Reset button

2 Button to reset the appliance to its factory settings (defaultconfig).

3 Serial port in console mode

4 USB 3.0 ports

5 Ethernet network ports dedicated to bypass connections

6 HDMI port: for plugging in the monitor

7 Location of the SD card

8 6-pole screw terminal connector (for a 48 V DC redundant electrical power supply).

With the product powered off:

  1. Plug the monitor into the HDMI micro port 6.
  2. Plug the keyboard into a USB 4 port.
  3. Insert the USB drive into the second USB port 4.
  4. Power up the appliance.
  5. Wait several minutes.
    The product will start up on the USB drive.

The default baud rate on SNi20 model is 115 200 baud (8N1).