Downloading the restoration disk image

Downloading the restoration file

Log on to your Client Area by typing the following address in your Internet browser:

To access the secure areas, log in by entering the login and password that Stormshield has sent to you. Your secure client or partner area will appear.


In the Product menu and the Technical support sub-menu, click on USB Recovery. Select the model of the product to be restored and you will see the list of products that you have registered. Then click on the serial number of the product you wish to restore.

Details concerning this recovery procedure will appear.


The Documentation link offers the download of documentation relating to “Self-Test” and the restoration via USB drive for Stormshield Network products.

If you have not yet carried out the “Self-Test” diagnosis and you are running in Windows, you will be prompted to download “Win32DiskImager”, which is needed for copying the disk image on a USB drive.

Generating the disk image


The following parameters have to be entered:

  • Firmware Version: select the major version of the firmware to be installed on the product.
  • Configuration backup: if you have a backup of the product’s configuration on your PC (.na file), indicate its path using the Browse button, and then confirm.
  • Configuration password: if you have protected the product’s configuration backup with a password, enter it in this field.

If you have chosen to restore the configuration, you will need to select a version compatible with this configuration. You will receive an error message if this is not the case. After the restoration, you will be able to update the product’s firmware.

  • “Self-Test” report: the MAC addresses of the product to restore are usually already stored in the Stormshield database, so this field is disabled.

Once these parameters have been entered, click on Build disk image.

Wait for a while as this task will take about one or two minutes. If the operation is successful, click on the link given in the section Download disk image.

If the generation of your disk image has failed, please contact Stormshield’s technical support for assistance on how to proceed.

Copying the disk image on a USB drive

To start the process of copying, please refer to section Copying the disk image on a USB drive.

Connections and startup configuration

To prepare your product, please refer to section Connections and startup configuration.

Product restoration procedure

You have just started the appliance. After a few seconds, the screen will display a frame with the title:

Welcome to FreeBSD

After a few seconds, the screen will show information on the disk image being loaded, then the boot phase, and lastly the message:

This action reinitializes your firewall. All data will be erased. Do you want to continue? (yes/no):

Type "yes” to proceed with the restoration.

The successive phases then appear. How long this restoration phase takes depends on the model of the appliance to restore and may take up to half an hour:

======= Detect disks

[info] Disk: mmcsd0

======= Dump firmware to disk

======= Get disk reference

[info] Reference: 6465762e6d6d6373642e302e25646573633a204d4d432f5344204d656d6f727920436172640a

======= Build master reference

camcontrol: cam_lookup_pass: CAMGETPASSTHRU ioctl failed

cam_lookup_pass: No such file or directory

cam_lookup_pass: either the pass driver isn't in your kernel

cam_lookup_pass: or mmcsd0 doesn't exist

======= Build partitions

[info] Create partition /dev/mmcsd0

[info] Create gpt scheme on /dev/mmcsd0

[info] Create partition /dev/mmcsd0p1

[info] Create partition /dev/mmcsd0p2

[info] Create partition /dev/mmcsd0p3

[info] Create partition /dev/mmcsd0p4

======= Depack firmware

[info] Depack firmware

[info] Decompress ConfigFiles

[info] Set fr keyboard

[info] Save bootcode

[info] Reinit

[info] Umount parts

[info] Save main firmware in p1.dump

[info] Save data in p4.dump

[info] Compress p1.dump

[info] Copy p3.dump

[info] Compress p4.dump

======= Restore firmware on mmcsd0

[info] Clean /dev/mmcsd0

[info] Restore /dev/mmcsd0

[info] Create fs on /dev/mmcsd0p1

[info] Create fs on /dev/mmcsd0p2

[info] Create fs on /dev/mmcsd0p3

[info] Create fs on /dev/mmcsd0p4

[info] Restore /dev/mmcsd0p1

[info] Restore /dev/mmcsd0p3

[info] Restore /dev/mmcsd0p4

[info] Install boot block ubldr on /dev/mmcsd0p2

[info] Check /dev/mmcsd0p1

[info] Check /dev/mmcsd0p3

[info] Check /dev/mmcsd0p4

[info] All is OK !!!



All is clear. Press key to poweroff…


This message indicates the end of the restoration phase.

  1. Press any key to shut down the product.
  2. Unplug the USB drive.
  3. You can now restart your product normally.


All error messages appear in red and begin with "Error", followed by the name of the command that failed.

You can then attempt to start the restoration again by replying "yes" to the prompt:

This action reinitializes your firewall. All data will be erased. Do you want to continue? (yes/no):

Or end the restoration process by replying "no". Shut down the product after this, by typing "halt".


If the restoration failed, please get in touch with Stormshield’s Technical Support for an RMA procedure.