Creating host objects for VoIP servers

Following the steps in the section on Creating host objects for operator gateways, create the object(s) corresponding to the VoIP server(s).

As shown in the section on Understanding monitoring parameters, if you have several VoIP servers, you are advised to place them all together in a group that will be used as the target of availability tests.

To create a group with VoIP servers

In Configuration > Objects > Network objects:

  1. Click on Add.

    This opens a window to create and edit objects.
  2. In the menu on the left, select Group.
  3. Name this group (e.g., Remote_VoIP).
  4. In the grid on the left, select the servers to include in this group (press [Ctrl] to select several objects).
  5. Click on the arrow to move servers in the group being created.
  6. Confirm the creation of the group by clicking on Create.