New features and enhancements in SNS 4.3.18 LTSB

Availability of SN-S-Series-220 and SN-S-Series-320 firewalls

SN-S-Series-220 and SN-S-Series-320 firewalls are now available. Refer to the Product Life Cycle guide for more information on these models' compatibility with SNS versions.

A presentation of these firewalls can be found on the Stormshield website under Our Stormshield Network Security firewalls.

IPsec VPN - Obsolete Diffie-Hellman methods

As some Diffie-Hellman methods are now obsolete (and indicated as such in the Encryption profiles tab in the IPsec VPN module), administrators are advised to change their IPsec VPN configurations if they use these methods.

These methods are:

  • DH1 MODP Group (768-bits),
  • DH2 MODP Group (1024-bits),
  • DH5 MODP Group (1536-bits),
  • DH25 NIST Elliptic Curve Group (192-bits),
  • DH26 NIST Elliptic Curve Group (224-bits),
  • DH27 Brainpool Elliptic Curve Group (224-bits).