Updating the firmware

By updating your firewall to a more recent version, it will benefit from the latest features available and the latest functional patches and bug fixes.

Identifying the SNS version currently installed

Log in to the firewall administration interface (, and look for the SNS version number displayed in the upper banner.

Dashboard of a firewall in version 3.x

Downloading the update file

  1. Log in to your MyStormshield personal area.
  2. Go to Downloads > Downloads.
  3. Select Stormshield Network Security from the suggested categories, then Firmware. If necessary, select a version branch as well, such as 4.X, to narrow down the list.
  4. Locate the version that you want to install on your firewall. To do so:
    • Refer to the version release notes to find out what the SNS versions contain.
    • Ensure that the new version is compatible with the model of your firewall. An intermediate version may be required in some cases.
    • Use a version that has not already expired. If a version has several patch versions, choose the most recent so that you benefit from the latest functional patches and bug fixes. For more information, refer to the SNS Product Life Cycle in the section Product > Product Life Cycle.
  5. For the desired version, click on the name that matches your firewall model to download its update file. Accept the download of the .maj file.

You can verify the integrity of the binary files retrieved, by using one of these commands:

  • Linux operating systems: sha256sum <filename>
  • Windows operating systems: CertUtil -hashfile <filename> SHA256

Next, compare the result with the hash indicated in MyStormshield. To see it, click on Display in the SHA256 column of the .maj file in question.

Window to download SNS versions from MyStormshield

Installing the update

  1. In the firewall administration interface, go to Configuration > System > Maintenance, System update tab.
  2. Select the update file (.maj) downloaded earlier.
  3. Click on Update firmware, then wait while the update installs.

Window to install a firewall update