Replacing the defective member of a cluster (Return Material Authorization - RMA)

When a member of the cluster is defective, the procedure described in this section explains what you need to do to replace it.

After Stormshield has accepted your RMA request, and when you have obtained the replacement firewall, apply the procedure below.

Deleting the serial number of the older firewall from the configuration of the cluster

This step consists of deleting the serial number of the defective firewall from the configuration of the cluster. If this step is not carried out, the replacement firewall will not be able to join the cluster and the error message Too many firewalls in the HA cluster will appear.

After you have disconnected the firewall that will be replaced:

  1. Log in to the web administration interface of the cluster.
  2. In Configuration > System > CLI configuration, type the command that will allow you to delete the serial number of the firewall to be replaced:


  1. Apply this new configuration with the command:


Adding the replacement firewall to the cluster

  1. Connect the HA-dedicated links to the replacement firewall.
  2. Do not connect the other links to this firewall.
  3. Follow the process of allowing this firewall to join the cluster.