Allocate a public IP address to your instance

To enable remote administration of the firewall, you must define a public IP address (Elastic IP) and assign it to the firewall:

  1. In the Services menu, select EC2
  2. In the Network & Security menu, select Elastic IPs.
  3. Click on Allocate New Address
  4. Select VPC for allocation and confirm (Allocate)
  5. Select the newly created Elastic IP
  6. Click on Action > Associate address
  7. In the Instance field, select your EVA new instance
  8. In the Private IP field, select the suggested IP address
  9. Click on Associate.
  10. You can now access the Stormshield Network Administration Console with your web browser using the link https://EC2 Elastic IP address>/admin.
  11. The default login is admin, and the default password is your EC2 instance ID (available in the EC2 Instances console).
  12. Once logged in, please change the admin account password (System > Administrators > Admin account tab).
  13. You can now set up your EVA instance. Do not forget to install your EVA activation kit as soon as possible (see EVA Installation Guide: Downloading the activation kit and Activating the virtual firewall).