Activating the SNS EVA virtual firewall

Your firewall must be activated so that you can assign an EVA model, permanent serial number, license and subscribed options to it.

Downloading the activation kit

  1. Log in to your MyStormshield personal area.
  2. Browse the list of products until you identify the relevant product. Click on it.
  3. On the right side of the Downloads section, select the desired version branch. It must match the version of the installation file downloaded earlier.
  4. Click on the Download the activation kit link, then accept the download.

Importing the activation kit

  1. Log in to the virtual firewall's web administration interface (https://firewall_IP_address/admin). If it is configured in DHCP, note down its IP address in the console.
  2. Authenticate using the administrator account and the associated password.
  3. In Configuration > System > Maintenance, System update tab, Select the update field: select the activation kit downloaded earlier.
  4. Click on Update firmware. The firewall will automatically restart.

Your SNS EVA virtual firewall is now deployed and activated. You can continue to the chapter on Resolving issues if necessary or to Further reading.