“Blacklisted domains” tab

This section enables the definition of domains from which analyzed messages will be systematically treated as spam.

The procedure for adding a domain to be blocked is as follows:

Domain name (generic characters accepted: * and ?)

Specify the domain to be blocked.

Click on Add.

The added domain will then appear in the list of blacklisted domains. Messages that are treated as spam because their domains are blacklisted will have the highest level of trust (3). To delete a domain or the whole list of domains, click on Delete.


The antispam module will treat as spam all messages from blacklisted domains.

Interactive features

Some operations listed in the taskbar can be performed by right-clicking on the table of blacklisted domains:

  • Add,
  • Remove.


Blacklisting and whitelisting prevail over DNS blacklist analyses and heuristic analyses. The domain name of the sender is compared against blacklisted and whitelisted domain in succession.

For each of these lists, up to 256 domains can be defined. The same domain name cannot appear more than once in the same list. A domain name can appear in either the whitelist or the blacklist.

Domain names can contain alphanumeric characters, as well as "_", "-" and ".". Wildcard characters "*" and "?" are also allowed. The length of the domain name must not exceed 128 characters.