The Monitoring module offers graphs and data in real time (history graphs may be added to these if this option has been enabled in the Report configuration module) regarding:

  • the use of the firewall's system resources,
  • the level of use of network interfaces,
  • the level of use of QoS queues,
  • hosts that have gone through the firewall,
  • users authenticated on the firewall,
  • connections made through the firewall,
  • routes and network gateways defined on the firewall.

Such data is presented in the form of curves or tables. History curves offer four time scales: last hour, day, week or month. These time ranges are calculated in relation to the firewall’s date and time settings.

Private data

For the purpose of compliance with the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), personal data (user name, source IP address, source name, source MAC address) is no longer displayed in logs and reports and have been replaced with the term "Anonymized".

To view such data, the administrator must then enable the "Full access to logs (sensitive data)" privilege by clicking on "Restricted access to logs" (upper banner of the web administration interface), then by entering an authorization code obtained from the administrator's supervisor (see the section Administrators > Ticket management). This code is valid for a limited period defined at the moment of its creation.

To release this privilege, the administrator must click on "Full access to logs (sensitive data)" in the upper banner of the web administration interface, then click on "Release" in the dialog box that appears.

After a privilege is obtained or released, data must be refreshed.

Please note that every time a "Full access to logs (sensitive data)" privilege is obtained or released, it will generate an entry in logs.


info NOTE

For SN150 models, the combined number of reports and curves is restricted to 5 and can be read for up to 7 days. For U30S/U70S and SN200/SN300 models, you can obtain the full feature by using an external storage medium such as an SD card and by subscribing to the "external storage" option (refer to the module Logs –Syslog). Only the SD format is compatible: Micro SD or Nano SD cards fitted with an adapter are not supported.

The table


This field allows looking for monitoring graphs or tables using keywords.