“Configuration” tab

System disk

This refers to the system disk of your Stormshield Network multifunction firewall.


You are currently using this partition: your firewall’s system disk is divided into two partitions, which allow you to back up your data.

This section indicates the partition on which the product started up.

Upon startup, use the: select the product’s startup partition – the main or backup partition.

Main partition

If this option is selected, your firewall will use this partition at startup.

Backup partition

The backup partition represents your last backed up partition.


Select this option if you wish to use it when your firewall starts up.

Back up the active partition

This button allows you to back up the active partition (the one indicated by You are currently using this partition) on the other partition.


Reboot the firewall

Click on this button to restart your firewall directly.

Shut down the firewall

Click on this button if you wish to shut down your firewall.

High availability

Make a firewall stay active

In the event both firewalls in your HA cluster are in an active state or start up at the same time, this option allows designating a member that will have priority in staying active.


Before defining a remote firewall as the firewall with priority, check that your firewalls are synchronized. This is important as modifications made to the current configuration on the firewall would be lost during the switch.

System report (sysinfo)

Download the system report: This button will allow you to obtain various types of information about your firewall in “sysinfo” format. Using this feature, you will be able to find out, for example, the model of the firewall, its serial number, its current status and the status of its memory.