“PPTP” tab

This tab allows listing users who have access to the PPTP VPN, providing them with a secure and encrypted connection for their login.

The following actions can be performed:


When you click on this button, a new line will be added to the table and will display the drop-down list of users created earlier in the menu Users\Users module:


To ensure that the operation is valid, you will need to enter the user’s password in the window that appears.


It is possible to enter a user that does not exist in the firewall’s user database, as the PPTP is separate from the LDAP module.


To delete a user, select the line containing the user to be removed from the list of PPTP logins, then click on Delete.

Modify user password

Select the line containing the user whose password you wish to modify and enter the new data in the window that appears.


A login consisting only of uppercase letter can be entered.