Installation sequence

Version 3.9 allows additional operations with regard to the initial configuration of an SNS firewall using a USB key: importing PKCS#12 certificates, importing the password of the admin account, executing additional configuration commands (CSV files), enabling the construction of high availability clusters, among other features.


When the firewall is starting up on a USB key, the files found on the key will be imported/installed/run automatically in the following sequence:

  1. License (".licence" extension).
  2. Firmware update (".maj" extension).
    The firewall will then be restarted.
  3. Configuration backup file (".na" extension).
  4. SMC connecting package (".pack" extension).
  5. Certificates (".p12" extension).
  6. admin account password (".pwd" extension).
  7. Additional configuration files (".csv" extension).


If any of the files in the list above is not on the key, the corresponding step will simply be skipped.