Version 3.7.4 LTSB bug fixes


Filter - NAT

Support reference 71283

This explicit error message is now issued if reloading the filter and NAT policy when there is an empty port group in a filter and NAT rule: “The Group_Name port group used in this rule is empty".

SN2100 and SN3100 - 1 Gigabit/s interfaces

Support reference 71672

The presence of unconnected 1 Gigabit/s network interfaces would cause the excessive consumption of CPU resources on SN2100 and SN3100 firewall models. This issue has been fixed by updating the driver on these interfaces.


Support references 71942 - 72899

The IPSec VPN service would wrongly interpret certain X.509 certificate formats on smartcards, and would restart whenever a user attempted to set up a tunnel. This issue has been fixed.



Support reference 71349

If a maximum value is specified for the size of an IP packet (MTU) on a given bridge, and the option Keep initial routing has been enabled, this MTU will apply only to this bridge from now on. The interfaces outside the bridge will keep their own MTU values.