Verifying the configuration

SN2000 CLI


port     name       NS-BSD    state    addressIPv4
1        mgmt1      igb8      no-link
2        mgmt2      igb9      no-link
3        out        igb4      no-link
4        in         igb5      up
5     lacp_cisco  lagg0/igb6  no-link
6     lacp_cisco  lagg0/igb7  no-link
7       dmz3        igb0      no-link
8       dmz4        igb1      no-link
9      lacp_hp     lagg1/igb2 no-link
10     lacp_hp     lagg1/igb3 no-link



With the portinfo command, ports are referred to by the numbering shown in the interface.


Take note of the interfaces' NS-BSD names, which will be used in logs.


interface list:
  out (igb4)  
  dmz3 (igb0)
  dmz4 (igb1)
  lacp_cisco (protected,lagg0)  { igb7, igb6, }
  lacp_hp (protected,lagg1)  { igb3, igb2, }
  mgmt1 (protected,igb8)  
  mgmt2 (protected,igb9)  
  in (protected,igb5)
sslvpn (protected,tun0)
loopback5 (lo5)
loopback4 (lo4)
loopback3 (lo3)
loopback2 (lo2)
loopback1 (lo1)
ipsec (enc0)






The NS-BSD names of aggregated interfaces will appear in the description of aggregates.


Now that the configuration of aggregates is complete both on the Stormshield Network firewall and on the switches, Ethernet cables can be connected.