Vendor implementations

EtherChannel by Cisco

Cisco switches are compatible with most standard link aggregators (e.g., LACP, PAgP, Bonding Round Robin, etc). The command prompt makes it possible to group several interfaces on a switch into an aggregate named EtherChannel (maximum 8 ports), then configure this aggregate's operating mode. All member ports of an EtherChannel aggregate must have the same speed.

Trunk by HP

HP switches use standardized LACP by default but enable the recognition of other types of link aggregates in a static configuration. This aggregate is called a "Trunk".

However, the term "Trunk" at Cisco refers to a link between two active elements that allows 802.1q tagged frames through for the identification of VLANs. So in order to avoid any ambiguity, it would be better to refer to link aggregation instead of Trunk or EtherChannel.