Configuring a 3G/4G USB modem

The configuration of such modems requires the creation of a "Modem" interface that needs to retrieve several parameters:

  • Name of the access point (given by your access provider).
  • Number to dial to initialize the connection (given by your access provider).
  • IP address of the remote server (given by your access provider).
  • PIN of the SIM card (information given with your SIM card).
  • VendorId (VID): identifier of the modem vendor.
  • ProductIdInit: identifier of the product when it is initially detected as a storage device.
  • ModeSwitchString: string that allows switching from storage device mode to modem mode.
  • ProductId (PID): identifier of the product as a modem.

Once the modem is connected to the firewall and configured, the public IP address will be assigned to the firewall, which can then be contacted at this address (e.g., for remote administration).