VPN policy

Definition VPN (Virtual Private Network)
The interconnection of networks in a secure and transparent manner for participating applications and protocols – generally used to link private networks to each other through the internet.


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Figure 57: VPN Policy


The VPN section allows viewing the configuration of different VPN tunnel policies defined in the active VPN slot. These VPN policies do not necessarily have to be used in order to be displayed. The VPN slot only needs to be activated.

The following information is displayed in this window:


Traffic endpoint. Indicates the source network.

Source router

Sending endpoint of the gateway that makes up the VPN tunnel.


Indicates the direction of the traffic represented by the following icons:

  • Description: sens
  • Description: sens_inverse
  • Description: sens_bloque_gauche
  • Description: sens_droit


Indicates the protocol(s) allowed to pass through the tunnel.

Destination router

Receiving endpoint of the gateway that makes up the VPN tunnel.


Traffic endpoint. Indicates the destination network.


Level of security associated with the tunnel.


This level is defined when creating the VPN tunnel according to the encryption and authentication algorithm.

Max lifetime

Maximum lifespan of the configured VPN policy.

The Actions button makes it possible to perform certain actions on the selected event (for further information, please refer to the section Pop-up menu on rows):

  • View corresponding tunnels.