New behavior

Changes introduced in version 3.4

RSYNC command

Some system packages have been removed because SMC does not use them and as part of this cleaning, the RSYNC system command has been also removed. To copy files, you can still use the cp command.

Interfaces with network or broadcast addresses

SMC no longer allows interfaces with network or broadcast addresses to be created so that interfaces correspond to SNS firewalls.

For more information before updating to SMC version 3.4, refer to Recommendations.

Configuration deployment and automatic backups

SMC now generates a warning when an automatic backup is scheduled to start while a configuration deployment is in progress. The automatic backup will then be canceled.

Change introduced in version 3.2.1

In SMC, SNS firewalls in versions lower than 3.7 can no longer be connected and managed.

If you have SNS firewalls in versions below 3.7 connected to SMC, they will no longer be able to connect to SMC 3.5.4. We recommend that you update your SNS firewalls to a version that SMC supports.