SMC 3.3.1 new features and enhancements

3DS Outscale hosting

The SMC server can now be hosted by 3DS Outscale in Bring Your Own License (BYOL) mode.

You can choose from various types of instances so that the resources of the SMC server can be optimally adapted based on the number of firewalls to manage.

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SNS CLI scripts

Delayed script execution

The execution of SNS CLI scripts can be launched or scheduled on firewalls that are offline at the time of execution. Scripts will be automatically executed the next time such firewalls connect to SMC.

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SNS firewall monitoring

Shortcut to SLS (Stormshield Log Supervisor)

If you have an SLS server to centrally manage logs collected from your SNS firewalls, you can now configure shortcuts to the SLS server in SMC. This will allow you to read logs from the entire pool, or logs filtered by a firewall of your choice.

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VPN topologies

New Diffie-Hellman groups

In encryption profiles, you can now select Diffie-Hellman groups 31 (EC25519) and 32 (EC448).

Filter and NAT rules

ACK queue

In order to support QoS on firewalls in at least version 4.3.0, the new ACK queue field in the Action > QoS menu of a filter rule makes it possible to set a specific queue for TCP ACK traffic.

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S7+ protocol added

The S7+ application protocol can now be selected in filter and translation rules.