SMC 3.3.2 new features and enhancements

Managing administrators

New password policy

The password policy applied by default when SMC is deployed for the first time has been modified and requires now a minimum of 12 characters instead of 8.

If you have updated your SMC server from a version previous to 3.3.2, we recommend you to change the default password policy and set a minimum of 12 characters.

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Network configuration

Blackhole interface

Blackhole virtual interfaces can now be selected during the creation of a static route that aims to destroy a specific stream of traffic. Among other uses, this mechanism can be used in a configuration that contains IPsec tunnels - when a tunnel is down, packets that were meant for it will therefore be destroyed instead of being redirected to the firewall's default gateway.

Active Update server

New Active Update database

SMC now supports the "AdvancedAV1" Active Update database, which contains antivirus signatures of the new Advanced Antivirus service.

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